The Mystifying Combination

Are you into numerology? Because there has got to be something significant about 2018. There have been so many things to happen. Really though, there are always plenty of things happening. As long as you are moving forward, things will continue to develop. Crazy right?

So what's going on now? A change in plans. OR maybe just a little deviation along a pathway. Either way, it's cool. That's what life is about. I have 3 things I wish to do before the year ends. The 1st will crack open the door of creativity, while the 2nd will push open the door completely. The last —life changing— will be a dividing factor between what once was and what will be. I will step through the door into a new energy and realm.

Ok so what about spirit animals and zodiacs? I once thought I had reached The Dove on my totem pole. Foolishly thinking, I had actually only reached The Eagle. The Owl kept revealing itself during times that warranted reassurance, Now that I have taken control, I wonder if The Owl will return. Right now, The Moth seems to be hanging around in my personal space. Not to mention the dead bird outside of my doorstep a few days ago... I'm not sure what the message is yet, but I am certain The Pheonix and The Dove will come to be on my totem pole as I walk through this life change.

I share all of this with you to say... New video and song —Mystified Combinations— is 1st up. The video was inspired and directed by the mysterious Sydney Koopa. In fact, of the songs I presented him with, this was the one that spoke to him the most. Stay in tune,

Keep Reading People.

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