Moving into the 2nd Quarter

Everything is always a work in progress. There are so many different ways to do one thing. A manual would may constrict your potential rather than allow one to explore it. At the same time, the guidelines of instructions could save a lot of time. I tend not to overthink this but as a creative mind, I really can't help it. There's always that "what if" factor.

What did I do in the 1st quarter? Well, I came out of hiding. I was inspired enough to take a leap of faith and start my fire. Did I take a break last year? Eh nah, not really. I did a lot of much needed reading and knowledge building. These are things that I will apply to my movements from now on.

So anyway, we rocked Gas Monkey Live, The Nines with Galaxy 9, Deep Ellum Arts Festival twice on 2 different stages & Three Links for The Music in 3D Series (DJ Jay Clip & Medrick Greely) & sang back up with Tony Williams. I think that's a job well done for taking time away from Dallas in 2017. I did 5 shows last year! So I'm super grateful for the opportunities given. Still, it's time to start creating some self-sustained experiences for the like-hearted. But 1st, we must create.

So for this quarter, we are working on music and art. Album, Mixtape & Visuals :) I just want to create. We'll fellowship when I'm done. I am working behind the scenes to keep building what we've started oh so long ago. The music must go on. See y'all soon!

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