The 2018 KickOff!

Let me be the first to say that last year we missed seeing her in our Dallas scene. She led and incredibly busy 2016 before hitting the road to open her pores. It was an amazing step of strength for us all as we watched her take a leap of faith. I'll have to write about her experiences on the road at another time.

So here we are at the beginning of 2018. It seems as if Madame has slowly made her way back into Dallas with a handful of shows in the preceding year. You just can't stay away from this place. It's amazing! Her first appearance of 2018 was at Gas Monkey Live and we were absolutely blown away. After taking a 5 month break of solitude from the stage, it's safe to say that she still has that magic.

She had an amazing night at Gas Monkey Live in January. Orange Juice is the name is the band who backed her. She is deciding on calling them 'The OJs' when they are playing all together with her. Luckily, these are her closest friends as well so everything meshed together quite beautifully.

"I'm just thankful that I have really great friends who are down to rock with me consistently." She explains how hard it was to prepare for live events that required a band in the previous year. "Being a more hip hop based artist, you really grow in music with the DJ. Hell, I AM a DJ!"

Don't misunderstand her talent, Madame Mims is proficient enough on the piano & guitar to communicate with any musician . She also self-produced her last album Parasomnias.

She goes on to explain, "What's difficult is getting everyone on the same page and making sure they stay on it. I've done a few shows where we either we just didn't have the chemistry with one another or the band just didn't respect the artist enough to take their music seriously."

After what we saw, this definitely should not be on her list of worries anymore. In fact, this year she aims to focus on more visuals for her followers. Closing out 2017 with the release of new single and music video 'Tagged', she is working on a new project called 'Talk About It' and plenty of visuals to go along with it.

We can't wait to see what's next!

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