Madame Mims is a DJ, rapper/singer in Dallas, Tx. Her skills & sharp ear on the wheels of steel are just as powerful as her stage presence and live performances.


Her visual plans for 2018 have officially started this winter season with the music video release of hip hop single, Tagged. Tagged is available on all major online store platforms currently (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc...)

Apart of a bigger project entitled Talk About It, we will continue to see some pretty unique releases and visuals throughout the current year.

It has only begun. #TalkAboutIt

A Bit of History:

She had a pulling toward music at a young age. Starting with the piano, developing into recording & DJing... It all continued to build into who and what we see from her today. 


Having affiliation with Parliament Funkadelic, in 2008 she began working closely with George Clinton as an engineer, producer & vocalist. She helped managed his studio in Florida before relocating to Dallas, Tx.

In 2012, she began DJing and singing in Foley's band, a musician known for his time with Miles Davis and Prince.

She is forever a student.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Tx
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